Surface, submersible, solar, deep well injector

We have been selling and servicing DAB surface, solar and submersibles for over 15 years. We also sell Grundfos, Onga and Davey and several other brand pumps.

We're happy to provide a price for a supplied, installed and configured pump to suit your needs.

If the pump is for an existing bore/well, try and find out the following six things so we can recommend the most suitable pump for your needs:

  1. Casing inner diameter (usually 4" 100mm or 5" 125mm)
  2. Total depth to the bottom of the bore.
  3. Depth from ground level to water.
  4. Flow rate, as provided by the driller, or when the bore was blown out, or when the bore was pump flow-rate tested.
  5. What your water needs are? Soaker hose, round sprinkler, drippers, pop-ups? How many sprinklers do you want to run simultaneously?
  6. When was the bore was last equipped with a pump, or when was the bore last cleaned out?

Our pumps are priced as fully installed, with no extra hidden charges for foot valves, poly pipe, poly fittings, thread tape, glue?, taps, hose connectors etc.

If you are considering a pump for your new bore, we could bring one on drilling day, and you can water your lawn before we drive out the driveway.

If the pump is for an existing bore, please check our bore cleanout page and water testing page if the bore has not been used in a year or more or if you suspect it has not had a cap sealed on top the whole time.

Please call us on 1800 193 194 to see how we can help with a new or replacement pump.

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