Thinking about buying a drilling company?

Please get in touch with us if you are keen to get into or further your involvement in the drilling industry because, like every privately owned business, we are for sale for the right price.

If you want the flexibility to be your own boss, decide when you want to work, and decide how hard you work, then this is an unmissable opportunity.

Unlike most businesses, if you choose to work harder in this drilling business, you will earn more. Does grossing $1000+ per hour sound good between you and an offsider?

It takes a certain mindset to be capable and effective as a driller and a drilling company executive, and not everyone is suited. When you buy this business, you get access to experienced drillers and offsiders who currently contract with us.

You will probably need assistance in the first 6-12 months, and we will have experts and very experienced members of our team there to help. We can help guide you through the intricacies of the Mackay drilling environment.

Our technology maturity level is very high, and we have been paperless with invoicing, quotes and appointment scheduling for 7 years. All of our bore reports and inspections, pump assessments and repair or replacements have an electronic checklist with photos and signatures. We have detailed electronic bore maps of Mackay with discovered bores and their details as well as thousands of test hole details.

Backyard Bores are the preferred supplier to many local and national companies, and we foster and boost that relationship yearly.

We have an excellent working relationship with many complementary services like vacuum NDD, concrete cutting and coring and underground service locators.

Our detailed demand schedule and dashboard will give you priceless intellectual property and trends based on 21 years of invoices and weather patterns.

The equipment you will be purchasing is in very good condition. The drilling rig was built and has been serviced in Mackay engineering workshops by experienced engineers and tradespeople for 21 years.

The drilling rig is exceptionally reliable and low risk, with controls and shut offs that exceed current standards.

Low risk work is the most important thing about our business and is our main goal.

The drilling rig is mounted on a very reliable 2010 model MR truck with several must-have mods and some serious electronic upgrades.

Our main drill stems are less than 4 years old and our current stock of casing, pumps and spares depend on the season.


Send us an email to We will contact you to discuss the business and answer any questions after you sign an NDA and some other paperwork.

We have very agreeable terms and conditions for the right buyer, including an option of vendor financing, so if you are interested, please get in touch with us.

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