Thinking about a career in drilling?

Please contact us if you are keen to get into the drilling industry as we have vacancies for trainee drillers and competent offsiders.

The roles would be casual and ad-hoc, sometimes it's 3 months between jobs, and sometimes it's a 100 hour week.

Necessary Requirements:

  • Mechanically minded, used hydraulic equipment and can be gentle with controls
  • Can learn systems and processes easily
  • Can use a PC and smartphone / tablet to record details and search databases
  • Available for weekend work
  • Willing to submit to a police check and random drug test screening if required
  • MR truck licence (<6t)GVM
  • First aid certificate
  • To live and work in a low risk and productive manner at all times
  • Can function as a team player and lend a hand
  • Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle
  • You need to be fit and healthy as the job can be physically and mentally demanding with long hours
  • Have a good work ethic and are capable of hard work.

Task Descriptions

  • A trainee driller or offsider's duties include but not limited to:
    • Loading casing, drilling stems and equipment on trucks, utes and trailers
    • Driving trucks (LR) or utes with or without a trailer
    • Discussing options/locations/issues and proposed solutions with clients
    • Setting up and packing down the drilling rig and equipment
    • Working together with the driller or offsider to share the workload
    • Perform pre-starts and minor servicing and emergency repairs of equipment and vehicles.
  • At all times work in a low risk and professional manner
  • Adhere to company WH&R policies and guidelines, Environmental policies, et al.

Working in a drilling team is interesting, different every day, challenging and rewarding but not suited to everyone. You must enjoy working outdoors, using your initiative, and have determination and resilience not required in most jobs.


Send us an email (four paragraphs or less, please) telling us why this type of ad hoc casual role would suit your circumstances and why you would excel in this role to Our admin staff will evaluate your response and may ask to learn more about your skills and abilities via a CV and cover letter.

If you are successful, we will contact you for a trial drilling day.

We will personally respond to every email, unlike job agencies and 90% of jobs people apply for these days because that is the respectful thing to do.

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