New Bore Only

In the first 2 months of your new bore being drilled, please do the following:

  1. Always keep the cap on the bore when not equipped with a pump.
  2. Drill hole(s) in the cap just the right size for the poly pipe you use; leave no gaps.
  3. Equip the bore with a pump ASAP.
  4. Run the pump every other day for a minimum of 10-30 mins.
  5. Always cover your pump and pump electrical boxes from direct sun and rain.

Supplying and fitting your own pump

If you are sourcing your own pump, take a copy of the details of the bore to your favourite pump supplier and tell them precisely what you plan to use the water for, and how (pop-ups, round sprinklers, travelling irrigators, wobblers, drippers, irrigation etc.)

When installing your pump, ensure the lowest part of the foot valve assembly is 600mm from the bottom of the bore. An easy way is to assemble the strainer, foot valve, poly fitting, and poly pipe and lower that into the bore until it hits the bottom. Then lift up an arms-length and use your poly cutters to cut the poly there. Slip your PVC cap over the poly, then secure the poly fitting.

NOTE: The faster you take water out of the bore, the more fine sand will be sucked up and through the system.

In the first 2 months after your pump installation:

  1. Run your pump often for at least 20 mins (every second day at least).
  2. Do not trust the automatic pressure switch initially. At night, turn the pump off at the power point. If you are going away for a weekend or for a day, turn the pump off at the power point.
  3. Fill a bucket with bore water once a week and carefully tip out the water to see how much sand is left in the bucket. 1-2 teaspoons in a 20L bucket is within the pump's operating range. Check that the sand is fine (<0.5mm) and not coarse grains. If you see 2mm grains, please call us.
  4. You may see discoloured water when the pump is first turned on. This is normal if it goes away after 10L has passed through the pump. If after 2 minutes of running the water is still dirty, call us.
  5. Do not put the hose outlet through anything with a fine nozzle like hand triggers with mist, soaker hoses, or pop up sprinklers. These will block up initially. Wait a few weeks.

General Pump Tips

  • If the pump starts making new noises, check our website for details, then call us on 1800 193 194.
  • If the pump motor runs and no water comes out an of open ended hose outlet with no sprinklers or attachments, check out our website on how to prime a pump.
  • Cover the pump from direct sun and rain. Some pumps have lasted 14 years when out of the weather.
  • If the pump only hums when turned on, TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY! Then call us.
  • Test the water for sand every month. After flood events or extended drought, some fine sand may be noticed.
  • For hose distances longer than 10m, we recommend using a 19mm (3/4") hose to maximise your flow. This can then be split into 2 smaller, short hoses and sprinklers.

To easily prime a pump, watch our video.

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