We are a proudly Australian and family-owned small business, Mackay born and raised, with a drilling rig 100% built and maintained in a Mackay engineering workshop.

Our predecessor started Backyard Bores in 2002 and since taking control in 2013, we have continued to grow the business into new markets and regions while increasing our capabilities and training several drillers and offsiders.

We enjoy helping you and giving back to the community through sponsorship of various activities and sporting clubs (cycling clubs and lawn bowls clubs) and have been for many years.

We specialise in providing land-owners access to groundwater for their needs and we can provide accurate, detailed, and easy to access local bore and groundwater log data and invaluable experience to better inform you before we work. Our senior driller has over 20 years of experience drilling in and around Mackay on thousands of holes and sites and will tell you the honest likely outcome of the proposed works.

We also have 20 years of providing corporations and governments with accurate, precise, timely and cost-effective soil and groundwater drilling and monitoring services. Some of the large project locations we have worked on include land subdivisions, contaminated land register sites, oil and ethanol refineries, coal terminals, inside rail corridors, airports, service stations, ACM asbestos sites, port operations, bulk fuel storage and more.

Our experienced and certified project managers on staff can help you manage your project from start to finish, on spec, on time and on budget. Our close partnerships with local NDD (non-destructive drilling) vacuum trucks, concrete cutting and coring and sub-surface locators mean we can look after the administration of the whole project and submit one invoice upon completion.

We have drilled and installed 3 times the number of groundwater monitoring wells around Mackay compared to any other drilling company.

Backyard Bores Pty Ltd

Your water bore and geotech drilling specialists since 2002. Covering the Mackay region from Bowen to Rockhampton and west to Clermont.

We have drilled 3x more groundwater monitoring wells around Mackay than any other drilling company.

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