Bore Cleanout Services

We can arrange a bore cleaning using several methods depending on the bore location, its accessibility and the issue.

Here are some reasons your bore would need a clean-out:

  • The water coming out of your bore has changed colour
  • You are now pumping lots of sand
  • The bore water has a new odour
  • The bore has not been used/pumped in over 12 months
  • The bore has not had a cap secured to it for anything longer than 1 week
  • The bore has been flooded, or you suspect overland flooding has entered the bore casing

For bores under 12m Deep

We can clean your bore using one of the following methods:

  • High flow pumping - removes some organic matter and sands up to 3mm diameter
  • Specially designed gernie/venturi - removes most organic matter and sand up to 10mm diameter
  • Trailer-mounted compressor - removes just about everything but is not always the best option

The cost to clean your town bore will depend on the method most recommended for your area, the issue, the bore casing material and the bore yield.

Usually, a bore can be cleaned for $150-$200.

Call us on 1800 193 194 to discuss your bore issues.

For bores over 12m Deep

We recommend you call one of the few rock drillers in town who use a high-flow high-pressure air compressor as part of their drilling process. They will know how to clean out a deeper bore best.

Usually, a bore can be blown clean for $700-$900 if you can remove the pump and poly pipes in the bore first.

NOTE: It's not as simple as running some poly down a bore, hiring a big compressor and letting it rip.

We have seen bore casing shatter and bores collapse when they are blown out by people who don't understand the construction and workings of a bore and what could potentially go wrong. The only fix was to drill a new bore.

Use a driller to blow your bore clean, someone who knows what they are doing.

Call us on 1800 193 194, and we can recommend another driller most suited to your area/location.

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